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Our Company prides itself on its ability to plan, coordinate and execute large projects where there are Owners, Board Members, State Officials, Homeowners, Tenants and/or Employees. We understand the importance of everyone working together to have the project run smoothly from start to finish. We especially understand the concerns of the Owners and Tenants as we want to avoid any inconvenience to their daily routine. Servicing The Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Long Island, NYC, and Westchester County, we are your best stop for a dedicated team of contractors.


Have you been issued a NYC DOT sidewalk violation? Is a driveway on your property crumbling, damaged, or you simply want to update? What does nyc sidewalk repair cost and do you need a work permit from the city?
Questions like these delay repairs which will in turn end up costing you more money in a long run. Worry no more, our sidewalk repair expert contractors are here to provide you with the solutions you need and at an incredibly affordable price. Get your Quote Today!

Sidewalk Repairs & DOT Requirements

According to Department of Transportation (DOT) specifications, NYC law requires all property owners to construct, install, repave, repair, and reconstruct sidewalks adjacent to their property with their own money. Dot inspects pedestrians walkways in the whole city to make sure that they are safe. In case a walkway is found defective, dot issues the property owner a sidewalk violation notice. However, it is always better to perform repairs before a condition turns into a defect, which gives rise to a violation.

Sidewalk Repair

Concrete is incredibly durable for sidewalks and driveways but after time, wear and tear, and even due to weather, that concrete can falter. Sometimes only a few months into placement. We take pride in delivering a relaible product and take care to make sure it lasts.
Whether it's a sidewalk or driveway, we work diligently to ensure that you get the best possible work done. As the quality of the end product ensures your satisfaction, it also ensures that we provided you with the best service possible.


We are strong believers in providing quality work. As you put in the highest of dedication and care into your home or business, we strive to match that dedication and care as a reflection through our work.
Driveways can be an eye sore and even damaging, whether damages caused to a vehical or personal damages caused by a fall. Let us install or repair your drive way, ensuring that it does not become a problem for you. We offer incredible pricing and provide a free quote. Get your estimate today.


Through out the city permits are required to conduct contracting work, especially when it comes to sidewalks. We work hard to make sure your not inconvenienced by this process. We request and provide all permits necessary to get the job done.

Our Commitment

Our commitment is to you as the customer, we strive to provide you with a flawless, affordable, and pleasent contracting experience. Good business is repeated buisness and as such we want to be your "Go-To" contracting company.
Our experts work diligently to make sure the job is constructed and maintained to the highest quality, utilising over 20 years of experience to provide a comprehensive service that is tailored to your specifications.

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